When to visit a Physiotherapist?

Many people believe that Physiotherapy should only be sought in cases of injury or accident, but it goes much further than that. Physiotherapy can help you solve various orthopedic problems and also help you with other complications, such as respiratory cases, for example. More and more we can see the importance of looking for these professionals even if you have not suffered any type of accident. Check it out below and understand:

What is a Physiotherapy about?

When you suffer any kind of injury or fractures caused by accidents, the doctor will refer you to a Physiotherapist as soon as your rest period is over. In some cases, depending on the type of injury or fracture, you can also look for a specialist Physiotherapist so that specific treatment can be started, preventing the problem from getting worse.

In addition, the Physiotherapist can be sought in other cases, where people want to increase their quality of life, such as the elderly and pregnant women, for example. This is because, at certain stages of life, we need to see a Physiotherapist so that this process is as healthy as possible, and thus, choose the best treatment for it.

Like any other type of professional, choosing a Physiotherapist needs to be done very carefully. It is necessary to choose a trained and reliable professional. Another important point is to look for recommendations about that professional, if your consultation is individualized, if the service is of quality and if the place is suitable to serve patients.

When to see a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy, in many cases, is indicated by doctors for rehabilitation after fractures or injuries to the body. The Physiotherapist helps to recover the movements that were affected in these situations, making the patient able to return to their routine more quickly.

In addition, there are other cases in which you can look for a Physiotherapist, such as:

- Relief for those who suffer from muscle pain through manual Physiotherapy.

- In cases of patients with insomnia, solving problems that disturb sleep, such as bruxism, for example.

- To improve posture with specific exercises and Pilates.

- In the recovery of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis, where exercises are done to improve lung function.

- For athletes practicing physical activities, taking care of injuries and preventing their appearance.

- During pregnancy to improve posture and especially to assist in childbirth.

- In the third age where the quality of life is a little more impaired.

- In cases of urinary incontinence, use specific exercises and devices to treat this type of problem.

Physiotherapy goes far beyond just treating muscle pain, injuries and fractures in cases of accidents. It can provide an improvement in the patient's quality of life, bringing a faster recovery and solving various types of problems.

It is very important that you choose a qualified professional to start these types of treatments. That way, you guarantee that you are being taken care of in the best possible way.

If you want to make an evaluation, make an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists!

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