What is Electrotherapy Stimulation and How It Can Help You?

Electrotherapy is an effective medical treatment method for rehabilitation and pain treatment. Electrotherapy has been around for many years is used as a very effective medical treatment method for rehabilitation, pain treatment and for training sportsmen and women. The principle of electrostimulation is simple; it reproduces the process of muscle contraction which is controlled by the brain. Therefore, the activity in the muscle is triggered by electrical impulses which are sent directly from the device to the motor nerve.

What Are The Benefits?

Our equipment of electrotherapy stimulation uses very high quality and high comfort level currents. Electrotherapy stimulation is a non-invasive treatment method, often an effective alternative to medications for pain management.

Is Electrotherapy Stimulation Safe?

Yes.  Muscular stimulation and electrotherapy have existed for decades and no problems have ever been found. It is a recommended treatment protocol in many medical journals to assist with injury management and recovery. Use of Electrotherapy stimulation is not recommended if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or are planning on putting the pad on an open wound.

Which Conditions Can Be Treated With Electrotherapy Stimulation:

Myofascial Trigger Points

Muscle Recovery

Pain Management

Strenght Training

Muscle Injuries

Sporting Injuries

Muscle Tension

Chronic Pain Conditions

Overuse Injuries

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (pre and post-surgical)

Nerve Problems

Power Training



SP 8 in use.jpg


SP 8 in use.jpg

Assist with pain management

What Are The Benefits Of Electrotherapy Stimulation?

Prevent Atrophy

Promote healing of muscle injuries

Enhance recovery and athletic performance 

Increase strength without causing nervous fatigue

Increase muscle power whilst protecting joints

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