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Back Pain: Care And Precautions

Lack of posture, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, stress and muscle problems are the main causes of back pain.

This problem can happen in different points of the back, and they are usually caused by having a nerve being compressed, by abnormalities in the region or by the contraction of the muscles of the back.

It has been increasingly common to hear complaints from people who experience back pain throughout the day, whether at work, at home, college or elsewhere. So, thinking about helping you, today we brought some care you can take to avoid or reduce back pain. Follow:

How to prevent and avoid back pain?

So that you can take some care and precautions in order to avoid back pain, put some habits into practice, such as:

Do stretches every day

Stretching exercises are essential for people who want to have a healthy body as well as relieving back pain. That's because stretching improves movements and makes our muscles relax. To do stretching during the day you don't need specific devices or be at home, you can do it at work or college, for example.

Practice physical activity

Practicing physical activities is another form of care to prevent and reduce back pain, especially exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles. That's because these muscles support our spine, so it doesn't have all the accumulated weight.

Don't spend too many hours in the same position

Even if you work in front of the computer in an office or at home, it is not interesting to spend many hours of the day in the same position, without taking rest breaks. The ideal is always to stop for a few minutes and do stretches to avoid back pain.

Correct your posture

Another habit you can put into practice as a precaution to avoid back pain is correcting your posture. Poor posture is one of the main factors that can generate injuries to our spine.

So pay attention to the way you sit at your desk, always trying to keep your spine straight.

Attention to overweight

Lack of care with weight is also one of the main factors that lead to back pain. In some cases, weight gain can be related to hormone disorders, and therefore, it is important to be under medical supervision to analyze.

Doing physical exercises can help you not only correct and prevent back pain, but also help with weight regulation, strengthen muscles and avoid spinal overload.

Look for a physiotherapist

Physiotherapy sessions are excellent ways to maintain care to avoid back pain, as all the right and suitable exercises for your case will be passed through Physiotherapy in a specific way.

Thus, you can be sure that you are taking care of your problem with a professional, preventing the practice of stretching and exercises from being done improperly.

If you want to know more about it, visit our website and book an appointment with us!

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