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When is Laser Therapy Indicated?

Find out when and why laser use can be a great friend of your muscle injury treatment and skin procedures.

With technological advances linked to the promotion of human quality of life, science has been looking for alternatives to reduce pain and treatments related to rehabilitation. One of these treatments is laser therapy, a non-invasive technique that can penetrate the skin, muscles and even bones to regenerate body cells.

The laser used in the treatment provides energy to the cells, which stimulates and accelerates the process of healing and recovery from injuries. Another benefit lies in the fact that the treatment can be a good substitute for pharmaceutical analgesics, as it produces this effect painlessly and without harming our body.

But when should we use laser therapy?

Burn treatment

A great challenge has always been the treatment of burn injuries, which have long-term healing or in many cases do not heal completely. These injuries can compromise the muscles and bones of our body, depending on the degree of depth of the burn.

Laser therapy comes as a valuable ally in the repair of scars, as the heat and energy used produce reparative cells in the body and increases collagen production in the treated area. This process accelerates the skin's regeneration process, and if it doesn't lead to complete healing, it can lessen the appearance and effects of burns. Once again elevating the patient's quality of life.

To prevent the formation of keloids

Keloids are bumps on the skin that appear after some wounds or surgical incisions have healed. This occurs due to the excess of cells in the region, which proliferate and spread in a disorderly manner in the area.

Thus, laser therapy can help both after the formation of the bump and as a form of prevention, as one of its functions is to order the production of cells in the applied region. In this way, the treatment is painless and improves the appearance where it is applied.

Postoperative healing

Speaking of operations, another effective use of laser therapy is in the postoperative period.

The entire process of a surgery must be carefully observed, both in preparation and in post-surgical care. This is where laser therapy comes in as a non-invasive ally, as it prevents infections, can also reduce pain, due to its analgesic properties, and the discomfort caused by the procedure. All this improves the quality of the patient's recovery and also reduces tissue and muscle regeneration time.

But it is worth remembering that its use must be monitored by professionals, as they will know how to identify the correct use and the correct period.

Reduction of expression marks

We all face the marks of time that are imprinted on our bodies and become more and more visible with advancing age. But now laser therapy also comes in to combat the effects of wrinkles and expression marks.

This is because one of the effects of the laser is the production of collagen in the applied area, which improves the appearance of the skin, reduces sagging and even removes the dreaded wrinkles.

And do you know where you can find all these benefits?

At GB Sports Physio, which brings qualified professionals and modern equipment for your treatment. Be sure to visit our website and social media, and get in touch to schedule your appointment!

Come have the skin of your dreams.

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