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Learn More About Kineo Sports

If you are looking for ways to rehabilitate and recover for optimal sports performance, know that Kineo sports may be the solution to your problem.

This machine seeks the functional recovery of sports person, so that the physiotherapist can carry out an evaluation and training, always aiming to deliver a personalized and unique solution to the patient.

Kineo is indicated for the most initial stages of the rehabilitation process after surgery or injury, always seeking complete recovery to improve the patient's sports performance. If you want to know more about Kineo sports and how this system works with a set of evaluations, check out the information we brought below:

What does Kineo mean?

Kineo sports system allows a complete evaluation for training and rehab, automatically saving every session and giving real-time feedback to achieve your goals.

Through this evaluation system, it is possible to observe the patient's movements and analyze the treatment that should be started.

How do these machines work?

The machine contained in the Kineo system allows the assessment, training and muscle rehabilitation to analyze the strength deficits that the muscles has, to make the evaluation of power, isometric and isokinetic evaluation, for example.

From this evaluation, a treatment is started in a precise way, where the increase in loads is done gradually at critical points, helping the patient to perform the movements again without feeling pain.

In this way, Kineo helps the patient to achieve his goal, improving his strength training, but without harming regions such as knees and back.

Pain-free recovery: is it possible?

From Kineo sports it is possible that a painless recovery is made from the smart load, where the methods are applied so that the loads are adjusted according to the patient's needs.

When the resistance changes according to what the patient needs, at all times of recovery he does not feel pain because the ideal load is added, reducing the chances of causing problems.

Expert method

With Kineo Sports it is possible to work with the specialist and differentiated method of biphasic load, where the highest load works so that functional recovery is a reality, preventing accidents and injuries.

Pain in recovery, particularly for athletes, can be a frustrating feeling, because with the availability of information about the problem and specific solutions, patients want to recover as soon as possible.

The goal of this specialist method from Kineo Sports is to make the recovery and rehabilitation process more streamlined, making you feel comfortable from the start of treatment.

This is possible from the treatment program carried out, with different types of muscle contraction exercises. It is very important to invest in this specific treatment to evaluate with all the technology available and provide the ideal treatment to reduce pain and return to the practice of common sports activities.

If you want to know more about this method, get in touch and make an appointment!

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