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What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Sports physiotherapy is a branch of Physiotherapy that operates in four distinct segments: emergency care, return to sport, functional rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Through individualized care and monitoring of athletes, the sports physiotherapist is responsible for identifying muscle problems, changes in posture and biomechanical deficits that require some type of intervention.

Although many people think that the role of this type of professional is restricted to professional athletes, in fact, it is more comprehensive. Anyone who engages in regular physical activity needs to be accompanied by a sports physiotherapist to maintain health.

See more details about the physiotherapy speciality below.

What is sports physiotherapy?

First, it is important to emphasize that sports physiotherapy is a speciality that has the recognition of Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapist.

The Physiotherapist who works in this segment is characterized by offering basic care to the patient's health through kinetic-functional diagnosis. In addition, he also works by choosing the physiotherapeutic methods that best suit the treatment.

Therefore, the main objective is to ensure that athletes are able to practice their respective sports for longer. Sports physiotherapists work to improve your performance, observing individual needs and preventing injuries.

How is the field of activity of sports physiotherapy nowadays?

It is possible to say that the field of sports physiotherapy professionals has expanded considerably in recent years. According to data released recently, the number of practitioners of sports Physiotherapist grew considerably.

Therefore, as the number of active people increases, the number of injuries proportionally increases, since this is one of the most common side effects of physical activity, regardless of being an amateur or a professional.

In addition, many people who start to practice more basic physical activities end up doing it without any guidance. Considering that walking was the activity that grew the most in the recent years period, it is natural that physical therapy sports has also grown a lot.

Therefore, it is important that a qualified chartered Physiotherapist is present in the athletes' routine to perceive and treat such injuries, as well as to prevent new ones from happening.

Therefore, the work of sports physiotherapy is constant and, in the case of professional athletes, it may require the physiotherapist to be available to travel, follow training sessions and championships and assist in the recovery process of the injured athlete. So, it's a pretty intense work routine.

What are the treatments performed by sports physiotherapy?

There are several techniques used by sports Physiotherapist to ensure the recovery of their patients. At GB Sports Physio we work with different modalities such as functional training, electrotherapy, EMG biofeedback, functional bandages, segmental stabilization, massage therapy, recovery garments such as Game ready, recovery boots.

A new advanced technique to recover from muscle and tendon injuries is the Tecar therapy.


The technique that will be applied in each case depends on an individual assessment. This happens because this decision is linked to the type of injury suffered by the athlete, as well as the type of physical activity they practices and the needs he shows during the Physiotherapy assessment.

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