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What can be causing your back pain?

Back pain is a factor that affects most people at some point in their lives. Whether for professional or personal reasons, it is important to assess what is causing the pain in order to take appropriate action. However, there are several factors that can contribute to this situation.

Want to know what they are? So, check out our post up to the end and find out 6 common situations that can cause back pain.

1. Respiratory diseases

In case you didn't know, respiratory diseases can also contribute to back pain, especially when breathing. That's because during our inhalation and exhalation process, we not only work the muscles of the abdomen, but also those of the spine region.

If a person notices that their back feels uncomfortable while breathing, it may be necessary to seek the help of a trusted doctor, whether a general practitioner or even a pulmonologist. After the diagnosis, a physiotherapy session may be necessary, in order to further alleviate the pain, if there is also a problem in the muscles or joints.

2. Muscle injury

If a person suffers from back pain on the right or left side of the spine, this could indicate that there is some muscle injury. In general, injuries are triggered on purpose — when we practice some physical activity — or unintentionally — injuries from repetitive activities, whether in domestic or professional tasks, for example. Therefore, pain from muscle injury is usually characterized by a feeling of heaviness.

3. Sciatica pain

First of all, sciatica is defined as a strong pain in the lower back, that tends to radiate to the legs. This discomfort happens because of the sciatic nerve, which is located in the lower region of the spine or glutes, causing tingling, twinges, difficulty to remain seated or to walk.

4. Herniated disc

Well known by the male audience, herniated disc can contribute to the emergence of back pain, especially when the individual is in a position for a long time, whether standing or sitting, for example. Being a problem that usually affects people after the age of 45, pain from a herniated disc can radiate to the sides of the back, reaching as far as the ribs.

5. Bad posture

When an individual does not correct their posture to perform physical activities, to work or to perform excessively repetitive household tasks, back pain can increase even more, reaching a chronic condition with the potential to trigger back problems - as is the case with torticollis or scoliosis.

6. Arthritis

In general, arthritis is characterized as inflammation in the joints, contributing to symptoms of deformity, stiffness, inflammation or even difficulties in getting around. With this, we perceive several regions of the spine affected, limiting the individual to perform their daily activities.

Therefore, for those who have the complications mentioned above, consultation with your trusted GP is indicated in order to treat the problem in a more precise and targeted way. In these cases, a more personalized treatment is expected, such as the introduction of Physiotherapy to help reduce pain, strengthen the affected region and prevent future complications.

So, now that you know some of the main factors that cause back pain, how about getting to know our services?

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