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Ligament injury: how does Physiotherapy help in the treatment?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

When it comes to ligament strains and ruptures, they are among the most common injuries when it comes to health issues. This is because we are constantly striving to carry out a professional or personal activity, for example, and in this continuous and repetitive process, coupled with an effort beyond our capacity, we can trigger several problems in the ligaments.

However, physiotherapy can be an excellent help, both to treat these problems and to prevent the patient from future complications related to ligament problem. Want to know how? So, check out our post until the end and learn how physiotherapy can help in the treatment of ligament injuries.

Ligament injuries: what are they?

Ligament injuries are, in fact, more resistant and inelastic structures. This is because they carry the function of making two or more bones to be interconnected, leaving them more stable in their positions and also protecting the joints, minimizing more sudden movements.

Very important to mention that ligament injuries have a fundamental role in proprioception, which is the human being's ability to know his body position, but without directly observing it. This happens because the ligaments are able to transmit information to the spinal cord and brain. In addition, these structures assist in the fixation of internal organs, such as the uterus, bladder, diaphragm, among others.

Main factors that contribute to ligament injury

First of all, even though these types of injuries can occur in anyone, we can still see that there are factors that contribute even more to the emergence of this problem.

An example to mentioned is sports, as they contribute to the increase in sprains and traumas. When it comes to football, which is a well-known sport, it ends up being one of the biggest causes of ligament rupture.

In addition, muscle imbalances also contribute to the possibility of injury, since this process tends to generate forces beyond what is common in ligament structures. The same goes for excess weight, falls, poor warmup, use of inappropriate shoes and poor flexibility.

How does Physiotherapy helps in the treatment of ligament injuries?

Now that you know the concept and what tends to cause ligament injuries in our daily lives, it's time to understand the way in which physiotherapy works to help with treatment. In general, physiotherapy and image exam MRI or X-ray— acts as a crucial adjunct to achieving an excellent prognosis about the injury.

In addition, physiotherapy and specific exercises help in the recovery of movements, both in the musculature itself and in the range of motion.

During rehabilitation, the physiotherapy establishes some goals that can be achieved after the ligament injury. Even though many people still don't know it, physiotherapy sessions for these cases, even before the surgery itself, is of paramount importance for more efficient results.


As we have seen, ligament injury is a very common problem, especially for people who tend to have a more hectic routine, which requires strength or extremely repetitive activities.

In these cases, in addition to calling your trusted doctor, the help of a Physiotherapist may also be necessary, since he is a specialist in this problem and can help the patient to obtain better and better results and improvements.

So, now that you've cleared all your doubts on the subject, how about getting to know our services?

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