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Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that has a specific purpose, which is the elimination of accumulated liquids in the body, but it also brings with its particular characteristics and other equally beneficial health effects.

Thus, the massage is performed with specific movements that will eliminate toxins through liquids and promote lymph circulation. In this way, lymphatic drainage is a practice that can bring many positive effects to your life.

Check out some of the main benefits below!

Benefits of lymphatic drainage for the body and health

The main purpose of lymphatic drainage and what makes this type of massage known is the fact that it promotes the elimination of excess fluids in the body. Through them, toxins and substances that can cause harm to health are also removed.

But despite being the most remarkable feat of this type of massage and the reason it has become known, lymphatic drainage has other equally important benefits.

Therefore, it also stimulates circulation, especially the lymph, which will have greater activity and movement throughout the body. This substance is important because the lymphatic system of which it is a part is responsible for the elimination of impurities.

Encouraging the movement of lymph also has other effects, as it is an important component of the defense system and together with the well-known white blood cells will carry out the body's protection procedures.

These are the essential points touched by lymphatic drainage, but as an effect of these actions, massage can also bring some other health benefits that are equally responsible:

  • Increases tissue oxygenation;

  • Increases nutrient absorption;

  • Provides relaxation and well-being;

  • Decreases the appearance of edema;

  • It benefits intestinal absorption;

  • Relieves the feeling of heaviness in the legs;

  • It helps pregnant women throughout pregnancy.

Effects of lymphatic drainage on the body

It is important to point out that lymphatic drainage acts almost immediately on the body, showing its first results right from the start, such as the feeling of well-being and relaxation right after going through the massage session.

The other results expected from the practice also do not take long to appear and in a short time the patient begins to feel improvements in lymphatic drainage, such as the elimination of body fluids.

Later, with some time of practice in their lives, patients can already notice that the edemas will appear less and less.

In this way, the results appear over time, but they are noticed from the first moment of lymphatic drainage and continue gradually bringing other important effects.

Who is lymphatic drainage indicated for?

The positive effects caused by lymphatic drainage are many, but you have to be careful and understand that because it is a differentiated massage, it may not be suitable for some people.

Drainage is indicated for those who suffer from some health problems, such as edema and issues involving blood circulation, as it benefits these aspects. But it can also be important for hypertensive patients and those suffering from rheumatism.

For aesthetic and well-being purposes, lymphatic drainage can also help people who suffer from cellulite and wish to reduce these signs in the body, bringing more self-esteem to their lives.

People who should avoid the practice are those who suffer from issues like severe acne. This happens because the massage has very intense movements, which can cause injuries, especially if there are bruises or open wounds at the moment.

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