4 Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a type of physical exercise performed on the ground or on specific equipment, in order to connect body and mind. The method was developed in the 1920s, by the German Joseph Pilates, and arrived in Ireland in the early 2000s. It can be recommended both for physical rehabilitation (depending on the case and under medical supervision) and also to improve health and quality of life of people with no medical condition.

If you are looking for a complete exercise, this modality is perfect! Here are the main benefits that Pilates provides for those who practice it regularly:

1. Improves ability to concentrate and self-control

Each Pilates movement requires a lot of body control to be executed with precision, however, this is a characteristic that a person gradually works on when they start practicing. In order to be able to control your own body, it is necessary to reach a high level of concentration. Consequently, these skills are developed and taken to other day-to-day contexts.

Therefore, for those who have difficulty concentrating and staying focused on an activity, Pilates is an excellent recommendation!

2. Helps with breathing

Breathing is one of the most automatic actions of our body and precisely because of this, we hardly reflect on the importance of correct breathing.

In Pilates, breathing must occur in a synchronized way with each movement. So this is one more factor that the practitioner learns to control. The exercise works on diaphragmatic breathing, the breathing that is coordinated by the diaphragm and occurs in a deeper way. Once you learn to do this, it becomes a resource to use at different times of the day, especially in those situations where stress and anxiety threaten to take over.

3. Helps in weight loss

When we talk about weight loss, it is common to think of exercises that increase cardiorespiratory frequency, such as running but Pilates helps a lot in this process, through two main mechanisms.

The first of these is the reduction of anxiety, one of the main triggers that causes people to have eating disorders. The second is muscle mass gain, which acts directly on the acceleration of metabolism.

In addition, a Pilates session can also burn about 200 calories (depending a lot on the intensity, duration and characteristics of the practitioner).

4. Improves the posture

If you feel constant pain in the lumbar region, poor posture can be one of the most responsible for it. Pilates helps to reverse the effects of our bad habits related to posture, bringing greater balance and symmetry to muscle groups.

In addition, the fact that stretching is one of its bases, this exercise is also very welcome for those who suffer from back pain, even if the reasons are different.

Do you want to feel all these advantages on your skin and change your life? Then contact us to book your Pilates session. You sure won't regret it!

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