3 Pilates exercises you need to know

When it comes to Pilates, we know that there are a number of benefits from exercises, from well-being and mental health to tone specific regions of the body. However, it is possible to merge them through specific exercises. Want to know what they are? So, check out our post until the end and see 3 pilates exercises you need to know.

1. Swimming

First of all, the swimming exercise is one of the best when the goal is to strengthen the muscles of the spine! In addition, this exercise also improves our physical conditioning, facilitating the mechanics of walking or running.

Therefore, to perform this exercise, just lie in your front in a vertical position, but with the legs in parallel positions with each other, and the arms arranged along the body. Remembering that the tip of the nose must be directed towards the mattress that is practicing the exercise, facilitating the movement and preventing the lumbar spine from being too arched.

2. Shoulder bridge

For those who want to reduce that discomfort in the lower back, or the feeling of heaviness, the shoulder bridge exercise is one of the most suitable to quickly solve this problem. To perform it, you need to lie on your back, bending your knees and supporting your feet on the floor.

However, don't forget that the footrests need to be firm and the knees need to be hip-width apart. Then, inhale while holding your hips high, and exhale when you return to the starting position, always analyzing the moment when each area of ​​the spine touches your mat. For best results, it is recommended to perform 3 sets, with 10 repetitions.

3. Hundred (one hundred)

If you choose to tone your abdomen a little more, and work on balance and increase body energy at the same time, the hundred exercise is usually very suitable. That's because it works on stretching the body, offering an immediate feeling of well being and disposition.

To practice the exercise, you need to bend your legs and keep your knees bent at hip width. Then, extend one leg at a 90 degree angle, and then repeat the process with the other leg, leaving both in the same position. After inhaling, remove your head from the mat and perform an open movement with your arms, from top to bottom, and continuously.

Inhale and exhale for 5 movements, and after that, rest. For best results, it is recommended to perform a practice of 10 sessions.

Did you like the exercise tips above? Undoubtedly, investing in Pilates can be an excellent alternative for those looking to get to know their own body, relieve everyday stress and work on specific regions of the body. Perform the exercises mentioned above and check the results.

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