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Runner Pro


A real training companion, fundamental for the modern runner who wants to improve performances thanks to a wide range of programs conceived and developed for run amateurs and professionals.
Every runner has the possibility of personalizing and programming the trainings to reach his/her goals. All of them. Because a runner has no limits.
The proposed programs are divided into four macro objectives.

14 programs aimed to improve the muscle efficiency of the runner. The main objectives are:
– train the musculature to support longer distances;
– improve the capacity of oxygenation of the tissues and the qualities of endurance and recovery;
– delay the onset of the feeling of fatigue;
– increase your performance in the running speed;
– strengthen in a specific way the muscle of those who practice the trail running.

4 programs aimed to drastically reduce the number of injuries and the main musculoskeletal ailments of the runner.
In particular these programs aim to:
– strengthen the ankle to prevent sprains;
– strengthen the number of injuries due to lesions and/or muscular cramps;
– stabilize the patella to prevent the knee inflammation;
– strengthen the abdominal muscles to prevent lumbagos.

8 programs to treat the traumas and the recurring ailments in the runners. Some examples are:
– muscle contractures;
– inflammation of the Achilles tendon;
– back pain;
– ankle sprain;
– foot pain and pain in tibia.

4 programs to be performed in relax and which have the objective to:
– speed up the processes of removal of fatigue and lactic acid accumulated after the trainings and races;
– release and relax the tensed and sore musculature.

Runner Pro

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